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Heart, rhythm and motion


The texture and exposed hem in each garment entails the individual story of the weavers and the long, adventurous journey of the fabric that can not be repeated.


Commitment to Craftmanship

Every single step in the process is done by hand from the picking of cotton or cultivating of silk, to spinning them into thousands of yarns, the natural dying process, then orchestrating the wrap and weaving them using traditional hand looms. A perfect weave demands coordination between mind and body resulting in the soft feel and soulful characteristics of the fabrics.


Some Kind of Magic

Yarn for our fabric undergoes a strict natural dying process. Composing dyes is our favorite part of the process, because we work with different villages. We tap into their local wisdom and seasonal plants to develop a beautiful dye spectrum unique to each collection. We let the dye behave naturally in order to create colors that produce slightly different hues every single time - it is simply magical.


Five Meters Per Day

Our artisans weave between between half a meter to five meters per day. One loom of yarn produces around 80 - 200 meters of fabric, making each one unique and non-repeatable. For this reason, we carefully pair our fabrics with clean and elegant silhouettes. We offer a bespoke option where you can match a style with a fabric you love.