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 Every piece holds a story


Imperfectly Perfect

Only natural pearls full of uniquely beautiful characteristics are chosen, Every curve, bump and nook are celebrated. Pacharee personally goes through hundreds of natural pearls to find an imperfectly perfect match - those that share beautiful characteristics for her pieces.


Distinctively Defined by Nature

Our designs are distinctly defined by natural forms and shapes that compliment our pearls’ and precious stones’ raw, natural beauty.

We defined new ways to cut and present precious stones, this includes free-form cutting or slicing them to expose their raw, natural beauty.


Golden Touch

We subtly and organically sculptured Siam Gold and other precious metals so that they become a natural part of each piece of our jewelry. This allows pearls’ and precious’ stones uniqueness to shine through.


Details Matter

Every aspect of our pieces, front to back, is carefully crafted by Pacharee and artisans to look exquisite no matter where you look at.


Perfectly Personal

All of our pieces leave room for creatively, we just love watching women and men styling Pacharee pieces in their own unique ways.

When you have unique and exquisite materials to work with, it is not difficult to create something special that make women look and feel beautiful


The Swiss based founder and designer was born and raised in Thailand. Today, she travels between her two ateliers in Zurich and Bangkok designing jewelry and garments inspired by her journey with each artisan and the spectrum of color and form she sees in nature.

She grew up in a gem trading family who instilled in her a love of art and gemstones. The memories of the many rare pearls and gems trading trips her father brought her along filled her head and heart. Her father, Gerald Vincent Rogers is known as the wizard of all gems who invented new stone cutting and heat treatment techniques. His passion and eye for raw natural beauty was passed on to Pacharee. She believes that there are wonderful characteristics within each pearls and gemstones and her goal is to curate them in ways that are respectful of their origin to bring out their natural elegance.