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Pacharee brings you along a journey through her homeland

Showcasing the elegance of hand crafted, botanical dyed fabrics styled in implied feminine silhouettes.
Each piece will transport you to the story of the artistry and the colors of the Siam that she loves. 


Nature-sent palette

Only the purest cotton and luscious silk are harvested, soaked with natural dyes extracted from the roots, leaves, flowers and fruits of Siam botanics. We let the natural dye take its own path to create a muted, subtle spectrum that is different every time.


Fabric full of life

We let the material find its own voice and go on an imaginative adventure with weavers. The texture and exposed hem in each piece are imperfectly perfect as they portray their distinctive story.


The old fashioned way

We want to reinvigorate the fascinating traditional methods from hand-spun to hand woven and hand tailored, bringing in skills and income to smaller villages in Thailand. We aim to fuel pride and economic sustainability at the villages and create a new generation of weavers.


Ease and elegance

We create a relaxed fit with clean, elegant silhouettes and raw accents that make our storied fabrics shine. Our designs imply intelligence, sensuality and femininity that make women feel beautiful and at ease.


Our Fabric

Explore our seasonal fabrics and create bespoke pieces where you can match the styles from our collection with the fabric you love.



The founder was born and raised in Thailand, a country known for its endless creativity, beauty and adventure.  She grew up in a gems trading family who instilled in her a love of arts from a very young age.  The memories of shopping for fabrics and seeing firsthand the ancient techniques and artistry of the weavers, filled her head and heart.  The women and men artisans inspired her first collection, which allows the soul and creativity behind each fabric to shine-through. It is her vision to create exquisite pieces of clothing that are as unique as the story behind each thread.

Today, she travels between her two ateliers in Zurich and Bangkok designing garments, jewelry and accessories inspired by her journey with each artisan and the spectrum of color and form she sees in nature.